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Sunday, August 23, 2015

S is for Somehow

Somehow teachers make setting up a classroom happen and live through it.

I know this year I needed a lot of help from my man, my sister, our school's custodial crew, my fantastic teacher friends, and Donor's Choose angels. I'm positive I even got some my help from my new in heaven angel Mrs. Burns. The supplies parents bring during registration are also a great help to making our classrooms begin smoothly.

Somehow, with all that help, I turned a bunch of furniture, walls, books, supplies, and other assorted very important things into a functional classroom.

 I'm super excited to begin my 11th year tomorrow with a crop of new second graders. Happy Back to School!
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

B is for Book Boxes

Do you have the Mainstays ice bin buckets for your book boxes?

Have your darlings decorate their own labels before you tape them to the front of an ice bin turned book box. (Yes, I'll probably laminate them first.)

Click the pics to get them for free.

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

T is for Temple Grandin

You know those times you come across something and you're like "where has this been all my life?" Well, that just happened to me with the work of Dr. Temple Grandin. A good friend/coworker sent me a facebook invite to this autism presentation.

I was like "who is this lady?" but it looked like fun. I googled her. I decided it's stuff I should hear about. I mean, any of you who've been following me know I started this blog to share the wacky things Mr. TV said/did.  And I'm sure I'm going to have many more autistic darlings in the years (and years and years) I have left.

So I went. And I'm so very glad I did.

She was great! Her TED talk basically covers the same things she presented to us, but the question and answer session was quite informative and meeting her was beyond cool. We actually passed her in the hallway and my friends had a fangirl moment.

 I had to buy her book The Autistic Brain to go along with my Mindset and neuroscience reading.

 My next step it to watch the movie in which she is portrayed by Clair Danes. Apparently I've been under a rock and missed it!

I'm super exited to learn more about her life and the things she suggests for children with Austism.

(Thanks for taking me Mrs. Kessler and Mrs. John!)

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Friday, July 10, 2015

O is for Olaf


You've most likely seen this adorable idea floating around pinterest.

2nd Grade Stuff  Everytime you get a compliment in the hallway, they add a part to Mr. Potato Head.  When he is all put together, have a classroom reward.

And you might have downloaded Mrs. Lirette's awesome sign like I did.

Well, I went to Target today to find myself a Mr. Potato head and they did not have him. But guess what they did have! (On clearance with an additional 20% off with the Cartwheel app this week! Woohoo!)

This guy!

And I couldn't find anything already made for him, so I made one. Just click the pic and you can have it too!

I just love summer!

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Friday, June 5, 2015

S is for Susie Sunshine

If you are really lucky, you have a friend and fellow teacher in your life that makes a lasting impression and helps shape you into a better person.

That's what Susie did for me and many of my coworkers who knew her.

This was a woman who went back to school and got her teaching certificate at 60. She had already worked many years with students, but followed her calling to her true dream job of teaching. She was a natural.

She loved each and every single one of her students unconditionally. Even when they were bouncing off the walls and doing their best 2 year old impressions. Even on field trip days when she pretended they were driving her crazy.

She loved them through their insecurities and boosted them into a confidence that helped them grow to love learning. They enjoyed coming to school each day and being surrounded by her love for them. You could tell by their deep respect for her and their ever-present smiles.

She loved me through my moments of craziness. She loved me even though I was always trying to prank her. She loved to make me feel special. She loved me through my diva teacher of the year phase. She especially loved me when Mr. TV was literally making me crazy (and helped me see his humor and love him through it).

She loved us all when she was sick and we tried to make her take it easy. She hated when that stupid, stupid cancer forced her to retire way before any of us were ready.

And despite that stupid, stupid, STUPID cancer, she recognized every day as a gift and took the knocks as they came with a smile on her face. She is one of the strongest women I've ever known.

If you are really really lucky, you have this kind of person in your life. Hug them tight. Tell them how amazing they are. Make sure they know how much you appreciate their friendship and support.

And try your very hardest each and every day to be someone they would be proud of.

You will be missed, Susie. Go rest high on the mountain.

Susie Brown Burns       July 15, 2046 - June 4, 2015

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Sunday, May 31, 2015

D is for Donors Choose

Back to the classroom means back to the endless need for things to make it a fun place to learn.

I've started a Donors Choose project to help me get a big ticket item that is important to me, but only a drop in the bucket of our school's needs. 

Give to my classroom by June 7, 2015 and your donation will be doubled thanks to Just enter the code SPARK on the payment page and you'll be matched dollar for dollar (up to $100).

Every little bit helps. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

R is for Return

I will remember 2014-2015 as "the year I wasn't in the classroom". I loved being the Graduation Enhancement/Leadership Teacher for the school. It was a fantastic learning experience. But I missed being a classroom teacher and having my own group of students so badly that I asked to go back to being a "regular" teacher.

So I am. And I'm so excited for it. After I thoroughly enjoy the summer first!

We have already sorted out the students and made class lists for next year. We like to send home letters to parents with a supply list. This year, I changed it up a little and made a visual version. Grab it for free in my store. My Wishlist could go on, and on, and on, and...well, you get it.

I'm hoping to use the summer get some things planned out (while enjoying the time off). So much has changed with our curriculum in "the year I wasn't in the classroom" and I need to sharpen up my knowledge. Be on the lookout for some updates.

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