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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

L is for Lucy the Leadership Ladybug

Thank you to Simply Kinder for posting this great idea! It reminded me that I once had Freddy Fish, but Mr. TV had renamed him "Fricken Freddy Fish" and then the fish dissapeared from my desk when I had a substitute.

But really, it's a great short term strategy that helps {most} kids learn the rules. My class was completely amazing for the whole day after I introduced Lucy the Leadership Ladybug!

My students always somehow find out that I love ladybugs so I get completely random ladybug gifts throughout the year. I have 3 ladybug Beanie Babies on my shelf (Lucky, Larry, and Lucy). We used to do the FISH! Philosophy so I used a fish, but what's better than using an alliterative name that incorporates the 7 Habits?

My students got to hold Lucy today if I noticed they were showing leadership. The darlings even started to ask if they could pass it on to someone they saw doing the right thing. It was awesome. Even my little guy that needs extra love all day long was willing to give him up. Just one darling didn't want to give her up or "let her out of his sight" but we reassured him he'd get to hold her again soon.

Just some tips to help this idea runs smoothly:
  • Try to make sure you find something to say about each child's behavior so they all get to hold the object you choose. Even if it's for a few minutes.
  • Reassure them that they are still making great choices even if the object doesn't come to them as often as they want.
  • Make sure to use positive language that points out the expected behavior (Oh I noticed how nicely Tommy is working on his task. He is being so responsible and putting first things first! Please hand him Lucy!)
Lucy got to wear a birthday hat from a cupcake today.
She also got to hang out on a shoulder on her field trip to the Science Lab.
So far this year (six weeks in...) I've used the Whole Brain Teaching scoreboard, but it stressed one of my guys out and it just wasn't the best choice with this group. I also started with no clip chart because one of my little buddies would be on red every day and that was never going to work out. Hopefully Lucy the Ladybug will help us to internalize the rules/habits and our days can focus on learning.

Thanks again Simply Kinder!

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