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Monday, August 22, 2011

B is for Beverage

My new little darlings started today. I love that they always say "You're the best teacher ever!" and I say "I'm going to tell your first grade teacher!" Their reactions crack me up.

I can already tell these kids are going to be funny. I just feel it.

Here is a quick example:

I grabbed a glass of iced tea at the end of lunch and brought it with me to recess. One little darling (I'm going to need some time before I can think of good nicknames) was curious about my drink.

Her: Ms. Buckler, what are you drinking?

Me: (holding up my clear cup that contained ICED TEA) Um...chocolate milk.

Her: Nuh uh! It's brown! It looks like beer.

Friend: Beer with ice would be gross!

Me: How do you know that beer with ice is gross?

Friend: Dunno (runs off)

Me: It's really tea.

Her: Yeah, I figured. Cause teachers shouldn't drink beer.

Me: You're right, Sweetie. Go play.

Here's a virtual toast to a great school year! I'm going to go have a glass of tea and relax. =)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A is for Addictions

A very rainy summer + a new laptop + an aversion to the sun even when it is out + the ability to ignore the unorganization of my house = a lot of time in front of a computer screen

It is not my fault. I have addictions. I admit it. I am now going to be a commercial for 4 (yes 4!) websites I am now in love with. Do not read on if you give into peer pressure or are easily bored.

This is the definition of pinterest:

So apparently, I'm not alone.

Below you will see pictures of things I have actually made using the inspirations (or "pinspirations").
First picture: Pinspiration
Second picture: my version (sorry for the iPhone picture quality)

$97.99 sold-out version on ModCloth turns into my $4.99 from Salvation Army version. Now to find the perfect time to wear them.

Easy-peasy no-cost operation signs from The Teacher Wife.

Smarty Pants full of Smarties candy from The Inspired Apple

I needed to use my bulletin board to make a new focus wall (see below) so I needed some other ideas. Using The First Grade Parade's idea and signs from Mrs. Dillard, I created my new Bucket Fillers set up.

I knew I wanted to create a Focus Wall for our Treasures reading series, so I adapted Frogs, Bees & Under the Seas' to work for me.


My students always love to be silly, so these cheers and chants from The Apple Basket Teacher were perfect. I made them into cards that kids can pick when they answer questions correctly.

I also loved some of the organizational pins I found:

I never would have thought of using binder clips to keep my Mimeo/Elmo cords from getting lost. Genius, Unplggd!

One of Meck Mom's many ideas. Okay, so it wasn't such a sacrifice to eat Chinese food to get my containers. Honey Chicken...mmm...

One of the most popular pins I saw on Pinterest was milk crate stools. Mrs. Clemens and I decided to make them. Here is our version:

 Yeah, so The Boutons' crate stools are actually finished. Ours will be...eventually.

And finally, I really wanted to be able to give myself a new pedicure, but luckily, my lovely aunt gave me a new manicure. You think my students will get that I like ladybugs?

You can join the pinning fun too, just click the "Follow Me on Pinterest" button to the right. I can send you an invite, but I can't be responsible if you become an addict.

I also found and did several orders for FREE stuff. All I paid was shipping. Totally worth it. Here are a 4/13 of the things I made:

1. Tote Bag (free!)
2. Car Magnet (free!)
3. Mouspad (free!)
4. Postcards turned into Star Cards (free!)

I'm hooked. They've gotten a customer for life.

I stumbled upon a very cute website for fonts called I got "Scribble Kids" for 50 cents and proceeded to make labels for almost everything on my shelves.

One last addiction to talk about is Teacher Tipster. This guy is absolutely hilarious. He teaches first grade and obviously loves his job. He has made all kinds of videos that demonstrate his tips. I recommend watching:
The Hallway Song, Brain Chains, SillyBrations, and Magic Trash. Then, I recommend you find several hours to watch the rest of them and join his Facebook page. He is just fantastic.

Okay, I think that is all for now. I am as ready as I'll ever be for my darlings to start tomorrow. I am looking forward to sharing some hilariously random things that second graders say and do with you.

And as always, thanks for supporting my addictions. (Teaching, blogging, children's books, Cherry Coke, ladybugs, chocolate ice cream, pinterest...)