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Thursday, June 27, 2013

C is for Caaaake!

The theme of this summer seems to be...cake! It basically started with my surprise cake.

Check out the blaze 30 candles can make!

And of course my mom's tradition (aka buy an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen):

 I hung up these things in my house:

Notice the cupcake apron.

 And today I made this:


I am going to mess up the kitchen so I can use these gifts:


Finally, have some of this:

Boy am I enjoying summer.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

U is for Updates

I know, I know, I know! I am such a negligent blogger. Let me just say that I had an aweseomly awesome class last year and was very blessed. However, my plate consistently stayed full and my poor blog just collected dust.

Now that it's summer and I can finally breathe again, I am fired up and ready to blog again! Also, I turned 30 two days ago and feel much older and wiser than I was three days ago. (Ahhhhh!)

Exciting changes are happening next year. I will still be teaching second grade (whew! had a couple of close calls...) but I will be specializing in Math and Science. One of my very bestest friends will be moving from Kindergarten to partner with me. She gets the giant responsibilities of ELA and Humanities. We are going to have so much fun! I told her she has to get on board with Daily 5/Cafe/Whole Brain Teaching. She doesn't have a choice.

Because of this change, I will be moving in from my much loved/hated portable and back into the pod of four classrooms (we share a common middle area). My best buddy will be across from me! Time to work on a new blog header I suppose.

I've already painted my new room's bulletin boards a lovely black (well, Mr. Ken helped) and am so ready to add some red/polka dot borders. I stumbled across a TPT seller the other day and fell in love with this:

TPT Shop: Gabby Barba

It's like this woman knows me! This is what my teacher dreams are made of. =)

I'm also going to work on creating a new Instagram account for my blog to share all the fun we will have.

And stuff like this!

It looks like I am also going to be one of our 2nd grade team's PLC leaders. AND we going to be a Leader in Me school next year because we won an awesome grant. Can't wait! 

I just hope my bestest buddy doesn't bound and gag me because of all my excitement. She might start putting "calm down" pill in my food...

Stay tuned friends! I'm fired up!

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