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About Me!

My name is Emily and I was born and raised in Florida. My family owned a dairy farm when I was a kid so I'm a farm-girl at heart. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher (if dolphin trainer didn't work didn't).
Rocking the 90s look

I graduated from Saint Leo University and then found my "home" at the very school where I did my final internship.  This is my 10th year teaching and love that I am part of such a great school family.

My 2nd Grade team at our "Zephywood"  End of the Year Celebration (2014)

I get to spend most of my time with a wonderful man and his fantastic daughter. She keeps me laughing and is the tester of most of my TPT creations.

I have a fur-child, Penny, and she has a dog named Paisley. They are both a mess.


I also love to read, bake, and fundraise/plan for Relay for Life.

Why do I love ladybugs so much? Well, when I was knee-high to a grasshopper, my amazing Mama B (B is for Buckler), my Aunt Beverly, and I started a Ladybug Club. It was very exclusive (kind of) and now anytime I see a ladybug it reminds me of them. We lost Mama B a couple of years ago to the nasty "c" word, but I continue to love our ladybugs.

My personal mission is to lead my students toward finding their greatness, learn something new everyday, and always find something to laugh about.