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Monday, November 22, 2010

N is for Natural (Part 2)

In case you didn't read Part 1 of N is for Natural, read it first!

We had a writing prompt in October:

Pretend you are a pumpkin. Convince Farmer Buckler to pick you to be her jack-o-lantern.

They loved it. We chose a class favorite and that person got a pumpkin prize.

The darlings were more determined for this writing prompt because they knew there was going to be a prize (which I don't usually do - YOUR GRADE IS YOUR PRIZE!):

Pretend you are a turkey. Convince Farmer Buckler to NOT pick you for her turkey dinner!

I have decided there is not going to be a class favorite. There is going to be a TEACHER favorite this time.

I think Sassy really embraced the fact that we all (humans and animals) have a digestive system.

It's been on her mind all week.

This is her turkey letter. I have just realized that she did not have me correct her rough draft, so do your best to translate the words. I'm more about voice than conventions anyway.

Click on the picture to make it larger.

Cliffhanger! I know you want to read the rest!

You really want to know what you are not "abol" to do to that turkey!

I know you are wanting me to show you the rest right now!


You will not be abol to...

I needed a brown bag to breathe in after this one!

Oh, but wait! She didn't have room for her closing.

You can read the rest of the letters if you'd like. However, I'm pretty sure you'll agree that this one is the best.