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Monday, February 7, 2011

M is for Mixed-Up Monday

A lot of teachers have a "Terrible Tuesday" theory. And almost ALL of us have a "Manic Monday" theory. But after today, I'm thinking there may be a new theory called "Mixed-Up Monday".

It's all because of my Green Stars reading group. They must have been having an "off" day, because these kids are right on second grade level.

Their first center was the Science Center. The directions were to make a chart of animals with the headings: Animal, Habitat, Food.

Green Star #1's answer was: sharks, shipwrecks, Nemos

And Green Star #2's: beavers, ________, wood

Me: Why is the beaver's home blank?

Them: I didn't want to write a bad word.


Their second center was Reading Group with me.

Me: These are our vocabulary words this week. You will see these words in the story Nutik, the Wolf Pup.

Green Star #3: What's a wood puff? (dead serious)


Me: You will also see our vocabulary words in this story (I showed them this cover.)

Green Star #3: Who is Carol? (dead serious)


Flash forward to their third center, Computers. I remind them every Monday that they should only do Reading games during this time.

Green Star #4: Ms. Buckler? May I go to

Me: NO! But you MAY go to


Their last center was Word Work Center. They were working with new spelling words.

Green Star #1: Ms. Buckler? Is this a good sentence for r-a-w? The lion can raw loud.


Dear Third Grade Teachers,

I try! I really do! I'm hoping this is just a phase.

Ms. Buckler
Lunchtime (I ate with a few kids who earned it)

Green Star #2: Ms. Buckler! I'm eating orange chicken and I got real oranges!

They were peaches.


Much later, during Math, I was mentally making a list of all the things I had to get done on my planning break.

I heard this: Ms. Buckler...Ms. Buckler!

Me: Huh? What Green Star #2?

Green Star #2: You were zoaming.

Me: Zoaming?

Green Star #2: Yeah, not paying attention.


I am hoping that next Monday disproves my new theory of "Mixed-Up Monday". I'm sure it will. It will be "Valentime's Day" after all.


  1. I was laughing out loud with this one. I miss teaching 2nd grade. Let me know when your team has an opening...LOL

    I do a Writing Club T/W/TH, but we met today instead due to scheduling issues. Big mistake! They just were not with it today either!
    Must have been the weather!!

  2. I would Teresa, but then I'd have to give you back all the stuff I have with your name on it. =)

  3. Just found your blog! So the kid that didn't want to get in trouble for writing dam cracked me up! Poor kiddo. haha
    I love your code names for discussing your class incidents- too funny!

  4. Thanks Ash! This blog is just a way to help me share what it's really like to be a teacher. =)