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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

E is for Extinct

**Warning: This post is rated PG-13 for some adult humor. Reader discretion is advised.**

Just a quick story to share the silliness that was today.

 I got a new student. They called from the office and asked someone to come get him. He said the "D" word and popped a girl in the mouth on his first day. No "honeymoon" period there I guess. Don't we all hope for that?!

Another darling snuck onto the iPad when he thought I wasn't looking. When he saw our ESE teacher and myself just watching him, he winked and waggled his eyebrows at us like a little smooth operator.

Two opposites there I tell you.

This morning we were talking about endangered animals which led to making a list of animals that are already extinct. Here is the conversation:

Me: What are some animals that are extinct?

Darling A: Dinosaurs!

Me: Dinosaurs! Yes!

Darling B: Wooly Mammoths!

Me: Wooly Mammoths! Yes!

 Darling C: Saber-Tooth Tiger!

Me: Saber-Tooth Tiger! Yes!

Darling D: Dildo Bird!

Me: Dildo Bird! Ye-----No! No no no no NO! Dodo Bird! Yes!

Seriously. I repeated it! I totally didn't mean to.

There were no little snickers from the children so I don't think she (or any of them) actually know what that is.

However, my new intern found it to be quite hilarious. The lessons she is getting are invaluable. =)

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