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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

R is for Rain

Rain is such a hassle for a teacher. Especially one who is still adapting to a portable. Yes, I'm a Florida girl and I honestly love a good thunderstorm. But, I would like to talk to Mother Nature and ask her to come teach my class when she decides it needs to happen between 7 and 3 on school days. This being my fifth year teaching second grade, I am quite aware of the effects of rainy days on children. This being my first year in a portable, I've learned a few more things.

Here are some things I've learned about rain and second graders:
1. rain + second graders = big headaches for me
2. rain + second graders + being in a portable = migraine for me
3. rain + early arrivers = me scrambling for "time-fillers" cause I HAVE TO let them in early
4. rain + p.e. = movie inside and more sitting still (although it cleared up for my p.e. time today)
5. rain + lunchtime = no chance of walking nicely and quietly down the hallway
6. rain + lessons = sleepy kids
7. rain + my hair = entertaining mishap for the kids to point out
I'm sure I could add more if I wanted to...

It's amazing how the rain lulls them to sleep when they are inside and instantly invigorates them as soon as they step a foot outdoors. Come on Florida kids! Get used to it! It's gonna rain. A lot. 

I ran into the second grade pod this morning for the fifth time (I need to make lists of the materials I need) and said, "UGH! It's raining. I can't handle any more raining! Me and Mr. T.V. have extra issues when it's raining!"

Mr. T.V. walks in from his morning computer lab session and says, "Yay! It's raining! What's wrong with your hair?"

And to add to it...that stinkin' groundhog saw his shadow so we get 6 more weeks of possible cold and rain? Double "ugh".

I think I'm going to go take a pain killer and nap then start my search for some Frizz-Ease...Happy rainy Groundhog Day!


  1. Well, here's the sunny side for you. Rain, although a tremendous headache/hair mess, is not as bad as sleet or iced over walkways that happened "on the porch" when I was in the trailer park (we even put out pink flamingoes) outside our school.

  2. After today, I'm going to start looking for Noah and his ark.