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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

W is for Writing Prompt

Yesterday, I posted a lovely drawing from Dali Jr. In honor of today's FCAT Writes test, I thought I'd post a writing sample from one of my often talked about friends.

We are reading "Goose's Story" this week. It's about a goose who has lost part of his leg and befriends this little girl. So naturally, our writing prompt was this:

One day, I made friends with a ______________. We ________________________________

I asked for AT LEAST 5 sentences and a picture (insert face twisted in agony from Dali Jr.--see yesterday's post). I gave my own examples. I said, "One day, I met a penguin. We went to his icy home..." I assumed most of us would write about a real/imaginary animal.

Most of us did, exept for one. Try reading it for yourself.

This is what it says:

One day I made friends with a box!
We played with a tree! Indeed!
We even gave each other mohawks! (Yes that says MOHAWKS)
It was awesome!

Please notice that there ARE five sentences and a picture. Please also notice the mohawks on the heads. (Orange and blue because he is trying to make up to me for wearing a Miami shirt in my classroom.) I'm not sure why he has drawn himself as a cyclops.

The excessive use of exclamation points in not coincidence. This is just how Mr. T.V. talks in real life. HE TALKS IN EXCLAMATIONS.

The rhyme of "box" and "mohawks" was simply added for extra flair. Additionally, this is his BEST handwriting.

You may remember stories of Mr. T.V. Yes, he's the one that said last week (while teaching math and I was in his seat), "Well, as you can see, the answer three." I don't know why he sometimes feels the urge to break out in rhymes. Or talk like a college professor. Maybe I'll just let him use HIS artistic license. I may start calling him Dr. Seuss Jr or DSJ (for short).


  1. I think you are seeing a profile shot of Mr.TV. "THEREFORE" he only has one eye. He is probably writing more in the Shel Silverstein way.

  2. Oh no. He said, "I don't know why I drew one eye. I just felt like it."

  3. That is one of the best things I've ever seen. A bunch of FSU professors would probably call that kid avant-garde and a genius. It's better than a lot of the stuff I see in my advanced writing workshops, that's for sure. The drawing only adds to the awesome.

    And!! I speak in exclamation points, too!! Those kids usually turn out awesome!! (Or really annoying.)


  4. Especially since I told him that boxes are made out of trees. That must have inspired him to write "indeed". He's deep, man.