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Thursday, April 22, 2010

B is for Bowling

I am sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been a little busy. As well as lacking in funny blog material.

But I'm back. With a story of bowling.

We took our annual bowling field trip today. Guess who I chose to be my bowling buddy. Yes. You're right. Mr. TV. It was actually quite fun.

There were three rules:
1. Behave.
2. Don't bowl better than Ms. Buckler
3. When you do, be very nice to her. Your grades depend on it.

Here is the class showing me their Strike Getting Technique.

Guess who I chose to sit with me on the bus. Yes. You're right. Mr. TV. I learned that we are supposed to say "JUMP BUMP" and pop up like a weasel whenever the bus drives over a bump. The 5 minute ride to the bowling alley wasn't really the fun part.

Mr. TV was very serious about guarding my field trip bag. He watched it like a hawk. He also deemed himself "picture taker of the day." I choose my battles.

Here are some pictures he took of me:


Check out that skill.

The flying hair capture was exceedingly funny to him. I'm surprised he didn't yell, "Work it girl!"

He also took pictures of my backside, but I will not be posting those.

Mr. TV insisted on delivering the ball to me. At first I thought it was because he was worried about my strength. I think it may have actually been to speed me up since he went right after me...

So I grabbed the camera:

He had the craziest side ways throw that resulted in a snail-paced roll.

Covering his eyes and waiting. He got a spare.

Which resulted in this celebration.

After all the high-fives, he informed me that he accidentally farted when he did that move. Thanks Mr. TV, for the info.

Freckles had an accident. It looked like this:

He got up, dusted off, and picked up a spare.

He beat me in Game One. Him: 104  Me: 99

Hey, quit laughing. I rolled a strike as soon as it was time to leave.

Freckles and I were also interviewed by a newspaper reporter. That should be an interesting blog post.

Despite the million "I'm hungry!"/"I'm tired!"/"I'm beating you!"s  and the three crying students, we had fun.

When we returned to school, we celebrated Earth Day with Earth cakes.

The marshmallows on toothpicks were the moons. Our story this week is "The Moon". I know. It required imagination.

I told them I wasn't sure which one Paisley licked.

She got her first taste when my back was turned this morning. At least it was the experiment one.

I cut it in half, she helped herself to the side.

Happy Earth Day!

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