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Sunday, April 4, 2010

G is for "Got Ya!"

And got them I did. Well, I had help. It never would have worked if I didn't have help.

I got Mrs. Harper first thing in the morning. She came into my room and I acted all frustrated. I asked her if she had read her email to see that we really have to give the math portion of the SAT after all. Right after Spring Break. She freaked. I had to tell her right away. Her blood pressure was rising really fast and she was shaking with fury. Gotta love Harper. 

My darling sister came in to help with Field Day. I made her an accomplice. We put confetti in their reading books and hid the brown chairs outside.

Mr. TV was all about the prank phone calls. "MRS. HARPER! THERE'S A SNAKE ON YOUR ROOF AS LONG AS THE SUN AND IT'S ALREADY EATEN THREE CLASSROOMS IN THE POD AND IT'S ABOUT TO EAT YOURS!...APRIL FOOL!" Mrs. Harper's class all came running out the room to look at the roof.

He improved three more. A first grader in Mrs. Rood's class called us back. "Ms. Buckler, there's a banana on your roof!" Of course we had to run out and look and they, of course, ran out to yell "APRIL FOOLS!" at us. We, being older and wise, had to (of course) go along with it.

If you look closely, you can see my hands on my head. Man, I believed them!

My hand buzzer broke, but the fake ketchup totally got them.

My sister and I had totally obnoxious duck quackers that we had to scare everyone with.

I got Mrs. Burns...kind of.

Coach got me back at Field Day. That whistle hurt my eardrums.

The best part was during the morning announcements. The Morning Announcement Ladies were totally believable. They told the second graders they would have to retake the SAT during Field Day because their tests were lost in the mail. I have a picture of the kids reenacting their reactions. I was too busy playing my Emmy worthy part during the real thing. "You have to be joking me! I'm calling Mrs. Keene right now!" We even got kids in other grades who were concerned for their siblings. Double score!

Field Day was a blast.

Every single kid in my class remembered to wear red. Now, if I could get them to remember to do their homework...

And, of course, we had to mix in the Spring activities. Check out their interpretations of bunnies...

And Hilary thought she'd get to bring home a puppy. Fool.

Happy Easter and Spring Break everyone!


  1. It look like you've gotten taller since I saw you last. Your pants don't reach the ground.

  2. Oh! I love this!! This are some great April Fool's Day Jokes!!!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach