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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

P is for Planning

No, I'm not talking about the planning that we teachers do for hours to get ready for upcoming lessons. I've got SPRING BREAK on my mind and planning for lessons is not on my "to do" list right now.

I'm talking about planning for April Fool's Day. I've never really played any pranks on my past classes (especially not last years...Lord, thank you for getting me through that one!). But this year's class, oh yeah. They can handle it. In fact, they deserve it. They told me that I can't fool them...We shall see. (Need I remind you of the Leprechaun Trap day?)

Mr. TV and I started practicing today. While the rest of the students went to Music, Mr. TV and I worked on his AR goal (computer reading comprehension tests). He's the kind of guy who needs that extra, down-to-crunch-time excitement in order to meet any type of minimum goal. When he was done, we started planning. We put a fake snake in one dude's backpack (don't worry, we put a note). We added "Write your spelling words 100,000,000,000 times EACH!" to some people's homework. And then, we planned out some phone calls to make to various teachers tomorrow. We're ready with the "Is your nose running? Yes? Well you better go catch it!" script. On the way to pick up the class from Music he practiced..."THERE'S AN ELEPHANT IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL!" to Mr. Ken. He improvised with Mrs. Burns, "THERE IS A SNAKE IN YOUR CLASSROOM!" And then he turned around and yelled "APRIL FOOL'S!" until a smart little classmate told him to say "April Fool's Eve!"

Besides Mr. TV's pranks, I've got a few up my sleeve to pull off. Tomorrow is P.E. Field Day and the kids are crazy excited. So, what do I want to prank them about? Why something about no Field Day of course!

First of all, I'm going to wear a foot cast and my arm in a sling. I'm going to wrap my head in an ace bandage and say I tripped on my dog and got hurt (they'll believe that...they know my dogs are crazy). That means we have to miss Field Day because I have to stay inside.

If that doesn't work, I've asked the Morning Announcement ladies if they will announce some shocking news. They will let the second graders know that, sadly, their SAT tests (standardized tests) were lost. They can't be found! So, the only thing to do is retake them. Today. During the time for Field Day. It can't be helped. If they don't believe me, surely they'll believe the Morning Announcemnt Ladies!

I am also going to have confetti is their Reading books, turn their desks around backwards, hide the chairs out the back door, and mix up their cubbies. It will be insane. Especially to Mr. TV. Don't worry, I'm sending them home for Spring Break with goodie bags and all my love.

By the way, I made the ONLY rule today: NO PRANKING THE TEACHER. It's simply not allowed. Any rule breakers will miss Field Day. No joke. (Insert evil laugh...mwah-ha-haaaaaaaa!)

(P.S. I am aware this graphic needs an apostrophe...)


  1. You are such a wild woman! I don't know if we can handle your presence here for Spring Break. We may have to cancel Spring Break. Please stand by for further updates.

  2. There is no such thing as canceling Spring Break. It just may mean I spend it in a different place. =)