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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

L is for Leprechaun Invasion!

That's right! Leprechauns invaded the classroom today. In fact, they invaded quite a few classrooms. The strange thing was that each room's leprechauns did their mischief differently. We decided it's because the troop of leprechauns split up to get the job done faster. Even stranger was that they kept the mischief up all day, even though we didn't see them!

The sad news is that, even though we did our best, but we did not catch a single one. We know they were there though.  I saw a lot of cool traps around the school, but almost all of mine were made with things from around the house. We did learn a lot about reusing last month.

Only one of them said, "Leprechauns aren't real. Ms. Buckler did all this." I think I gave him enough evidence to make him think twice...

Here are some leprechaun traps:

The smallest of them all. Designed to catch the leprechauns with a net.

The classic bait. Loved the rainbow painted cotton balls.

Reverse psycology. Sometimes works...sometimes doesn't.

Very clever. More effective outside? The doorknob is shiny. Leprechauns like shiny things.

Cute! Lucky Charms were glued down to entice the leprechauns.

 This one was great! Very good use of household items. The leprechauns broke the net in the top left.

This one was fancy inside.

Love the use of beads she just got at the parade.

I had to be taught how to set this one up. Cute, cute.

This one had a fancy gold cross necklace as bait.

Maybe the 'Lepercauns' were confused. Or put off by the bars on the windows. Or that it is 'Sait' Patrick's Day.

This one requires you to "use your leprechaun hands" to catch them. I was unaware that leprechauns like unicorns until this.


So get this...the leprechauns sprayed silly string all over the room! Everyone knew that real leprechauns did it because "Why would Ms. Buckler ruin her own room with silly string?!"

And they left us a note!!!!

And some Lucky Charms and gold!

This guy's didn't work so well inside...

So we set it up outside while we went to Music.

No luck...

Told you those leprechauns were good...

We also graphed some leftover Lucky Charms.

They were rather sticky...

We also gave the St. Patty's Day treatment to the restrooms.

Several boys commented, "Eww! They just went in the Ladies' room!" It's Lad-dies dudes...geesh!

Not quite sure why the Leprechaun lassie has a beard. Must be an Irish thing...

The leprechauns messed with the student chairs.

But knew better than to mess with the queenly throne.

We are reading about toads this week and Mr. TV did this:

It says: "My toad's name is Franken Booger."


Me: Oh, okay. Then Franken Booger's boogers must be REALLY green.


The teacher may have lost her mind...

But at least she wasn't alone.

Happy Saint Patrick's day!


  1. Too cute. Did you catch any "lepercons" in the one with Lucky Charms glued down?

  2. I think that is a mixture between Lepers and con-men. Glad we didn't. That could have been messy.

  3. Hmmmmm. Those leprechauns' handwriting looks a LOT like my little sister's.

  4. EEEehhhhh! (That is a buzzer). You are wrong, wrong, wrong! The skeptics made me do a handwriting comparison...not mine at all. Try again.

  5. I said LITTLE sister's, fool. I thought it was Ree's.

  6. The tricky little leprechaun played 17 tricks on us. My favorite? He spelled out leprechaun with the magnetic letters on the whiteboard. The traps were something I didn't think of but, plan to use next year.