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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

G is for Growing

I'm am going to start this with sniffles. I am getting a little sad that these little boogers have to leave me. However, I'm sure the whole "outta sight, outta mind" thing will kick in a week into summer vacation.

At the very beginning of the year, we made Time Capsules. We didn't bury them or anything (much to eleven little boys' disappointment), but they might as well have been in a deep dark hole. They totally forgot about them until I pulled the box out from a very visible place in the classroom. (Those of you who have seen my classroom should pipe down! I can find things...most of the time.)

First, we took out our sheets on which we had written various facts about ourselves. One spot was a crystal ball labeled "In the future I see myself..." Mr. TV drew a vampire and sticks with that plan now. Dali, Jr. put a picture of a police officer, but has since changed his future goal to being a spy. They also saw pictures of themselves from the first week. They don't notice how they've changed but I can see it. (sniff, sniff)

We retraced their hands over the one they had done at the beginning of the year. These were very cute.

They also compared their handwritten name to their handwriting now. Big difference!

The best part, though, was the string. The string was powerful. It showed that we really, and truly have grown this year.

For most of them, the string reached right between their eyes. They couldn't believe it!

We decided that it's our heads that have grown in order to accommodate our bigger brains.

While I'm on the topic of growing, Mr. TV had a chair issue. He came in late one day last week and decided that someone had taken "his" chair. I informed him that the chair we had placed at his desk was fine, but he insisted it "didn't feel right." So, after determining it was a brown chair, I asked everyone in a brown chair to stand up. I asked Mr. TV to sit in each brown chair until he found the one his bottom felt "right" in. He found it on the third try. I quickly grabbed the masking tape. Labeled the chair with his name on it and this message: [Mr. TV's] Chair. Please do not take. (His bottom will know the difference.)


  1. I love, love, love those ideas! The string one is particularly awesome!

  2. Thanks Frau!
    Perhaps it has Queen, but I did not happen to record that measurement at the beginning of the year. =)