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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

B is for Buttered

Princess came up to me this morning. She handed me a red envelope decorated with black ladybug spots (she knows I love ladybugs). It was labeled To: Emily Love: Princess

She said, "Ms. Buckler? I worked on something really, really, really hard at home for you. You can open it now."

I opened it. It was a picture of Princess, myself, and a ladybug. It was pretty. I thanked her and asked her to unpack her things and get to work.

She lingered.

And then said....

"Ms. Buckler you are my most favorite teacher of my whole life. Do you know why? Because you're so nice and sweet and you help me with my work and you like ladybugs and you let us do fun things and you let us borrow your books and we have fun and we get to do fun centers and you're the only one in my family besides me that loves butterflies. I love you so much!" (Big hug. Almost lost my breakfast.)

My reply, "Thanks Princess. You're pretty cool yourself when you remember to talk nicely to your friends and do all of your work. Speaking of...go unpack and get to work!"

I hung her picture on my bookshelf. She came back up to me 10 minutes later.

Her: Ms. Buckler? Can I show everyone the picture I drew you?

Me: They can see it for themselves if they look on my bookshelf.

Her: Can I tell them all to look?

Me: Get to work!

I found myself questioning her sincerity. I think she may know I'm working on report card grades. I feel sufficiently "buttered up" for something.

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