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Thursday, February 23, 2012

B is for BAM!

I've been in a portable for 4 years now. I really don't mind except for none of my stuff fits, I've had to move things around so many times to please the fire marshal, and every time it rains (in Florida!) we all go a little crazy. I could list the positives, too.

The year before I moved into this portable it was treated for the case of mold it had been growing. The previous teacher noticed it when she was taking posters down off the walls and moving furniture at the end of the year.

All of the walls were taken down and now I have a super awesome mish-mash of paneled walls. (That I am only allowed to cover 20% of mind you...) It gives it character.

Last Friday a maintenance worker from the district asked me which day would be best for him to rip up my floor and replace the tiles. What did I say? Um...Saturday?

Thankfully he did it on President's day and I was off the hook. Shew! Close call! That would've been a MAJOR distraction.

So I could totally sympathize with my "learning cottage" neighbor when they told her she would have to "get out" so her complete back wall could be replaced.

I thought it would be no problem for us.

Boy was I wrong!

Every time the workers sawed, hammered, or even just spoke to each other, we heard it through the air vent.

Imagine 18 little bodies trying to read about "How to Help Planet Earth" while jumping into the air. EVERY TIME the sound of a nail being hammered was amplified through our room we came up out of our seats.

This was our reading lesson:



First the plactic bottles are...



taken to the recyc-



ling plant and crush-


(really big jump)

-ed into little pieces.


Me: Okay guys, let's just do centers!

Stella:  How do they expect a girl to learn how to save the earth?!

We agreed it was ridiculous.

But hey, I have a new floor. Mrs. B has a new wall. And tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Just another day in the life of a teacher. =)



  1. Your post cracks me up! Not because you are in a portable (I can't imagine!) but because of all of your sound and action words! Happy Friday-eve! :)

    Second Grade Math Maniac

  2. Good thing teachers are so "versitle" and always "at the ready." Alas, no pay for just "being a good sport."

  3. Oh I'm cracking up!

    At least this won't happen every day.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  4. At least it made "A Way to Save Planet Earth" more exciting. ;)
    Stories From Second

  5. 20%? That's like impossible! :)