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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

C is for Communities

So my class had to work in groups of four to create a picture of a community. (Yes, teammates...I'm doing the wrong lesson...)

Here are their communities and my comments. These ones I thought in my head...not out loud to students:

Wow! Color Town looks, er, colorfu! These kids really got into the "you may use markers" idea.

Eh...Maybe I should have added some more artists to this group...I love how kids think the sky stops in the middle of the paper.

This one was really cute. I loved the fenced in flying pond and mobile home on wheels.

This one was interesting. I especially enjoyed the store called "Wines" (look closely). They fixed that after to "Wings" which is a restaurant. =)
Needless to say this activity was graded more on working with a group than artistic quality.

We'll be continuing to work on both of those things. I will be continuing to work on getting the annoying "Live! Work! Play!" song out of my head. Anybody else use TCI for Social Studies?

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  1. That song is hard to get out of your head. I only play at end of day ; )

  2. Oh man! That song! It really does get stuck in your head! I can't say I hate it though! We made up hand motions and marched around the room singing it this year. I was hoping no one walked in... :)