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Saturday, July 6, 2013

D is for Daily Math

I am super excited to specialize in Math and Science this upcoming school year. I think this will give me more time to plan some fabulous activities.

I have been using the freedom of summer to rethink how I do math centers.

I've been doing Debbie Diller style Math Stations, but keeping up with 9 seasonal math stations was beginning to wear on me. It works for some {organized} people.

I was all ready to copy Mrs. Cooley's idea.

Then I saw BUILD on Pinterest and really liked the concept.

Awesome idea!

BUT, thanks to Pinterest, I am committing to Daily 5 Math. I'm not going to lie...after starting Daily 5 for Language Arts last year, I was going to miss the convenience a little.

Daily 5 Math centers will provide my future students (about 36 of them!) with the much needed practice they will need to keep up with the Common Core State Standards.

They will include these 5 areas:
Math by Myself (skill worksheets, workbook pages, fact practice, math stories)
Math with Someone (partner games taught in class/groups)
Math Writing (journal prompts) {Math Journal Prompts from Yvonne Dixon}
Math Technology (iPads/computer games)
Math Work (using manipulatives) {Math Action Cards from Lesson Plan Diva}

I am planning on using baskets similar to the BUILD ones above and attaching some signs I made like this one:

Click for FREEBIE!
Students will put their clothespins on one of the green numbers when they make their choices.

They will use this to keep track of the centers they have chosen:

Click for FREEBIE!

I will copy these on colored paper and students will keep them for two weeks. Students can color in the square of the centers they choose each day. I may also use my hole punch to confirm that they did well in that center.

I am hoping to do two rotations a day after a whole group lesson. My hope is to use more interactive journals, too.

New centers are going to be lots of prep work, but I think they will be more beneficial.

Who else is using Debbie Diller's stations, BUILD, or Daily 5 Math?

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  1. I was interested in the BUILD too, but after reading your post, think I might do the Daily 5 math. Have you checked out the "sisters" site for other ideas? I don't have time to create lots of centers each week. Thanks for the post!

    1. I have checked there, but a lot of the pages need a password. The only thing I will have to "create" will be what goes in "Math with Someone". And those will be games that I've used and introduced during whole/small groups. Since I used to do 9 math centers at a time, I already have a lot of them made. I've spent a lot of money on (mostly Lory Evans) and time printing/cutting them. Those will be used in those centers. Also, I have games from teacher stores that will do well in that center. Come back and let me know what you decide! =)

  2. I'm in the process right now of trying to decide how to run my math stations. I have always had stations for each different area (addition/subtraction, number sense, geometry, etc) and an activity in each of those tubs. I didn't always use every tub each week, but I did have to change the activities every week which gets to be a lot of work. I'm trying to figure out a system which will reduce the amount of time I spend switching and finding new activities, but one that will let me differentiate as well. I'm interested to see what others are doing.
    Teachin' First

    1. I was doing the same! It was tiresome. I think there will be lot less maintenance for these. The "Doing Math" centers from Lesson Plan Diva (link above) are differentiated, too. =) Good luck!

  3. I am obsessed with Diller's book! I use it every single second I can for math stations! We do more of a small group math block where we do math stations, work on the current skill, and then see me in small group. I love doing math this way. Excited to see how yours works out!

    Reaching for the TOP!

  4. Do you have a group that see's you everyday like in the Daily 5 ELA??? I'm so interested in Daily 5 Math, my class and I are almost done learning the Daily 5 and I'm looking for a better way to do Math centers.

  5. I am going to do a math daily 5 this year too, but in maths tech I will include robotics as well as computers, and instead of math writing, I thought I would do problem solving. Hopefully will work well😊 good luck