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Friday, July 19, 2013

D is for Drawers

I'm sure you've seen this magnificent creation on Pinterest from One Happy Teacher.

And the fabulous ones made by Rachel aka The Tattooed Teacher.


So cute!

Well, they inspired me to make my own. 

 Ladybug style! 

{Tip: I couldn't wait to take this picture before the Mod Podge dried, but the combination of my printer ink and the Mod Podge gave the black part a little bit of a chalkboard effect. It still looks this way after drying time. You might want to look into printing with a professional printer if you afraid of ink bleed-age. Or tape it!}

If you would like to use these labels, click {here} to get them. 

Happy organizing!

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  1. Emily- these are beautiful! Is there a way you could share so I could edit it with other words?? Or perhaps just explain how I can make them easily??


  2. These are great, I love them!!

  3. These are awesome! Would you be willing to share so I can edit these with other words?


  4. These are WONDERFULLLLLL!!! May I please have a editable version, as well?? Please and thank youuuu!!!