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Monday, August 16, 2010

P is for Perspective

Okay I just can't give up my kids from last year yet. One of my favorite things about the new school year is seeing my former students and hearing how they feel about 3rd grade. Here are some of the mini conversations:

I saw Mr. Jokester at the hallway bathrooms.

Me: Mr. Jokester! How is third grade going so far? (3 hours into his first day of third grade)
Him: It's easy so far. If I work really hard and get really smart, I can go to Harbor.
Me: Harbor? What's Harbor?
Him: You know...Harbor. The college. Where really smart kids go.
Me: Har-vard, Mr. Jokester. I'm sure you can get in there. I like your goals. Get back to class!

I saw Giggles in the hallway going to lunch.
Me: Hi Giggles! Is your first day of third grade everything you hoped for and more?
Giggles: I NEVER knew how good I had it in second grade. (shaking head)

Guess who else I saw. Actually, I heard him before I saw him. That's right. Mr. TV. How'd you guess?!

Him: MS. BUCKLER! MS. BUCKLER! HI! HI! (waving frantically)
Me: Hi Mr. TV! Get back in line (he was the caboose...I wonder why) How do you like 3rd grade? 
Him: YEAH!
Me: Are you listening and following the rules?

Freckles was at car rider line.
Me: Freckles, I missed you so much today. How's third grade? Do you like it?
Freckles: It's gonna be hard. We have to add numbers with commas in them!

I miss them all so much. But the new ones are going to be fantastic. I'm already impressed. I'm also coming up with some pretty good nicknames.

My new ones did bring me some smiles.

In the hallway on the way to lunch:
Me: Oh we are doing so well in line! I have such great students!
Cutie: We are so great because you are a great teacher.
Me: Or am I a great teacher because you are great students?
Cutie: I think both.
(I think she gets her smooth-talking from her bribing mother.)

Him: Ms. Buckler, do we get to come back here tomorrow?
Me: You sure do!
Him: YES! (fist pump)

And I didn't even remember to give them their bribe Welcome bags I spent so much time on this weekend. (See B is for Beginning)

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