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Thursday, August 26, 2010

P is for Pseudocolus fusiformis...I think

So we were walking to lunch today and one of my new little darlings (which I will probably refer to as Princess) says, "EWWW!!! What is that smell? It smells like someone p**ped in their pants!" We are right by a drainage grate, so I figured she'll have to get used to it.

Thankfully, she was at the end of the line and I shushed her and we walked on.

During our Specials time today, some of my teammates and our Tech Specialist stopped to talk in the general area of the stinky spot. I was pretty sure it wasn't me, but I checked the bottom of my shoes anyway.

Well, our TS pointed out the culprit. She called it a "Devil's Tongue." I was pretty impressed that one little plant could be so malodorous (that was on my Word of the Day screen saver...). So, on the way back from Specials, I thought it would be a teachable moment to point it out to the class. I showed them the plant (which was growing close to the wall and through the mulch) and they all held their noses and "ewwed". We continued back to class and did a science experiment.

On my way to my car this afternoon, I checked out the plant. Let's just say that someone "took care of it"... It's now smooshed into a stinky pulp.

Now listen...I'm not implicating anyone, but I do know someone of a princessy nature asked me to get a drink of water during our science experiment...

Here is a picture and some info about it. Apparently it's a type of mushroom and is known on the street as a "Stinky Squid". I think. I just hope it's not rare and potentially worth millions of dollars.

Click here if you want to know more than you ever wanted to about this plant.

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  1. I think the smell permiated into my room all day...EWWW is right!!