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Monday, September 13, 2010

O is for Overwhelmed

So I felt a little like a hamster in one of those little plastic ball thingies. Kind of running around haphazardly, bumping into stuff, pretending I knew what I was doing so no one picked me up and put me in a cage.

And then...I got a box. It had my name on it and it was from OUT OF TOWN!

Wow! I thought to myself. Buckler, what did you forgot you ordered now?

Well, it wasn't something I forgot I ordered. It was a surprise gift! A beautiful, wonderful, super fantastically awesome gift! From my former "Valentine" and teacher friend! Sewn with love by a tiara finding friend. Both of whom have moved far, far away to places I hear have all four seasons.

Here it is:

It is a hall pass holder/sign that has LADYBUGS on it!!!!!

I want to laminate it!

I want to spray 10 layers of Scotch Guard on it!

I want to put it in a glass box my top shelf and tell the kids they can just LOOK at it!
(and maybe have some lazers protecting it...)

That is how much I love and adore it.

Here is a picture of how I feel about it:

Here is the note it came with:

Notice the cute little jar/milk bottle it came with! I know these took some hard work to clean-up. They are going right on my window sill with my collection. Love, love, love them!

I also enjoyed the packaging materials. Here is what the kids saw when I opened the box:

An ad for 99 cent underwear and comics from a Yankee newspaper. It was like a gift inside a gift!

One of my darlings, which I shall call Type A, said that my gifts were a wonderful example of bucket filling. She also applied the Second Step lesson for the day: "Ms. Buckler! You're feelings changed just like Tonya's did. First you were feeling a little stressed out, but now you are so happy!" She was exactly right, that observant little Type A.

Public Service Announcement:
"If you ask Emily Buckler to help you with something, she is GOING to help you. Maybe it was growing up on a farm before child labor laws or maybe she is trying to get some good Karma. Nevertheless, you do NOT need to repay her. She hopes you do not feel as though you need to do so. She is just thankful for all the help she's received in her lifetime and is trying to pay it forward."
(this message is approved by Emily Buckler)

Thanks from the deepest depths of my heart, Mrs. Campbell. And the "little help" from you, Mrs. Dudley!


  1. They had child labor laws then. You just didn't know about them! muh-ha-ha

  2. YEAH? How many times did I threaten to call HRS?!

  3. Very sweet story!!!! I need to chat with SAndy about gettin' one of those for my NEW office:)