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Friday, September 3, 2010

P in for penCil

So the other day, I accidentally made a typo on my facebook status. I got a lot of comments on it.

The funny thing that none of you knew... "pencil" was one of our Challenge Spelling Words this week. It has a short e.

Thankfully, I've written it correctly everywhere my students can read it.

Here are some alternate spellings of the word "pencil". I'm sure you will notice that NONE of them were spelled MY way.

pencle, peincl, pintsol (my favorite)

pensol, pennsly (say what!?)

pencill, pensl, pecil

Cutest work to date:


  1. Again Emily I LOVE your blog!!!! I can't wait to read it when you post!

  2. Thanks Teresa! Christie was just telling me that you may be my biggest fan. Love ya!

  3. So, what is your grading scale that if you miss one you still get and E* ??

  4. Those are challenge words, meaning extra credit.
    So they cancel out little words. All of the tests with E's have zero or one (#1-10) wrong and the star is how many challenge words were correct.'s all the same in the grade book.