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Thursday, March 1, 2012

B is for Bieber Bombardment

This was my facebook post on Tuesday:

Yes, it's true. I actually watched something with Justin Bieber in it. I don't have anything against the guy personally. It's just how disruptive he is in my classroom.

I mean, we have 3 of the same JB backpacks that get confused daily. We have 4 JB journals, 2 JB notebooks and assorted pencils with JB's face on them. We are inundated with all things Biebs.

When we watched the "Cat in the Hat" video Stella said, "He sure can't read very good, but at least he's hot." (Will the grown up talk EVER stop?!)

Stella about PASSED OUT when she found a JB book in the Media Center on Friday. She's been "reading" it at every free moment (those are the moments when she has nothing to pester someone about).

This morning on the TV announcements, our ladies informed us that there are no student birthdays to announce today.

Faster than lightning speed later, the JB book was under my nose. Stella was pointing to the Justin Bieber facts page at the back of her book and said vehemently, "THAT'S NOT TRUE! It's JUSTIN BIEBER'S birthday! I've been waiting for this day forever!"

I secretly went to the phone and put in a call to the news room. Ten seconds later, the ladies interrupted with the Justin Bieber's birthday update. Stella was amazed.

I came home today hoping to forget about Justin Bieber for a while and who's on Ellen? Yep. The now 18 year old sensation.

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and of course Happy 7th Birthday to my niece Maddie.



  1. Oh I agree.....Justin is not a dynamic reader(and my kids commented on that !) Still love him...
    Our announcements started with a trivia question about Davey Jones and one of Gr. 2's got it !! He has Monkee songs on his Ipod....too funny.

  2. And next year it will be another teen throb! How long did we put up with Hannah Montana, who by-the-way, can't carry a tune to the front door in a bucket!! Of course, I DO remember the Paul McCartneys of my time. Susie whispers...and just between you and me? I would carry a Sam Elliott backpack everwhere!!!!!!! Jus' sayin'...

  3. We totally watched him read Cat in the Hat and I was TOTALLY not impressed. I think he needs to go back to school and learn to read with some expression! HA! The kids liked it though so that is all that matters!