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Monday, March 5, 2012

O is for Observation {Freebie}

My second observation was today. Let me just say that in my seven years, I haven't really done anything I wouldn't normally do on a regular day for an observation. I got that out of system when I was an intern.

No big fancy lessons. No talking with a sweet voice. No having the "difficult" children go to another class during that time (even though I've really wanted to).

I try to keep it real. That includes me dropping half of my manipulatives on the floor or calling kids by their silly nicknames (remember I have 3 sets of duplicate names this year).

Today was no different. I am a little ahead of the district's timeline, so I'm spending some extra time with geometry/fractions to enrich some of my higher students.

So here's what I did:

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It was nothing fancy.

I started with a Ms. Buckler's childhood story. They LOVE Ms. Buckler's childhood stories. I am not going to tell you how many of them are true. I told them that my piggish big brother always tried to take more of the pizza and I quickly learned my fractions so I'd know if I was being tricked.

They cracked up at the thought of me trying to eat more pizza than my brother.

I made them (and my principal) promise that they wouldn't tell the third grade teachers that I was going to teach them some third grade vocabulary words.

We made this quick chart of the shapes' names and talked about how the shapes could fit within each other. They thought 'rhombi' was hilarious.

I made huge pattern blocks out of some colored poster board, laminated them and stuck magnets on back.

Then, I gave each pair of students a game sheet, spinner, and pattern blocks. They had to make "pizzas" according to the directions.

This is a picture of M&M's sheet after the 5th time she and her partner played it during centers. She loved it. (By the way, I did not have them cut the page in half until after they played the game during the whole group lesson.)

I had said "Holy Moly that's crazy!" to one of my darlings who happened to keep spinning triangles. My principal got up and said, "Holy Moly! I'm outta here!" She handed me a note and left. She missed the next 10 minutes of the lesson, but I'm okay with it. A short and sweet observation is my favorite kind.

After they made their pizzas, I had them chop the page in half and then we drew/traced our pieces and wrote the fractions of the whole shape.

I then gave them their math page for the day and told them it was super easy and I bet a goat on a boat could do it with its eyes shut.

Here is what Ms. Cheeky wrote on the front of hers. They are supposed to put a green/yellow/red dot for easy/okay/hard. She went a step further just to make sure I KNEW that she KNEW what she was doing.

She informed me that the H.O.T. (Higher Order Thinking) question was actually "ice cold". She was not happy when I underlined the word Explain when she wrote "It makes 30."

She came back quite exasperated with this new word:

I'll let you know how I rate according to Marzano after my post-observation conference.

I apologize for any run on sentences or grammar/spelling errors.  I've got a lot of things swirling around in my head right now. Did I mention our Odyssey of the Mind competition in Saturday and I'm a K-2nd coach? I swear I found a gray hair last night.

Have a terrific Tuesday!



  1. Glad it went well!

    And your kids sound like a hoot!

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  2. I LOVE these fraction pizzas! We did fraction cookies when I taught third grade and the kids LOVED it!
    Sounds like your observation went great!
    Stories From Second

    1. They did Lisa. My principal's note said something about how she can tell that they are learning while having fun. I call that a compliment!

  3. The kids are a hoot 'cause their teacher is! A hoot that is! Principal K is right...they are learning while having fun! OH gee! What an odd concept!!!!
    Congrats on the observation! And thanks for the "freebie!"

    1. I was a little frazzled there at the end of the day. It just likes to pile on at pack up time. Didn't get much better till about...oh...6:00. =) Love ya, Susie!

  4. Great lesson! Love your kiddos reactions! : )

  5. Your class sounds funny! Thanks for sharing the fraction activity. :)

    Hello Mrs Sykes