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Thursday, January 14, 2010

H is for Helping

Helping is what we all need to do right now. Being in a Title 1 school for my five years of teaching, I have seen so many families that need help. Children are our business (and futures) and helping them and their families is just one more part of the job.

I know that when I was a child, my house burned completely to the ground. If it wasn't for the loving, selfless people that helped us, I would have had a much different childhood. I can't even begin to imagine the childhoods of those kids in Haiti.

Children are children no matter where they are. Here in our schools or down in Haiti, they depend on us. I'm doing what little I can by donating to some charities that help those children. Don't forget to also send up your prayers.

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  1. Your Favorite AuntJanuary 14, 2010 at 7:44 PM

    I just figured out that you have a blog. DUH!
    Anyhoo... here's another one to check out. I heard them talking about it (and with a worker) on the radio today. Compassion International Also, when giving to a charity, make sure the money goes where you think it does. There is a site that tells about how much actually goes to "charity" and how much is administrative, etc. .. but I can't remember what it is.