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Friday, January 15, 2010

W is for Wildlife

Wildlife is what you encounter when you teach in a portable. First of all, I have to mention the nice patty left by a not so wild 4-H animal between Mrs. Burn's and my portable...Not sure which of our lawns the cow was trying to fertilize.

Today was full of critters:

Giggles: Ms. Buckler! There's a lizard!

Ms. Buckler: Oh on the window? He's just looking in to see what we're learning.

Giggles: No on the computer!

Ms. Buckler: Oh is it that Geico Gecko? What site are you on? (We do have to be careful, you know)

Giggles: NO! Ms. Buckler! There is a real-alive lizard sitting on top of the computer!

Ms. Buckler: AHHHHHH! Cheeky! Get it! Get it! (Cheeky's permanant job is pest removal..future job prospect I think.)

(At this point, all the kids rush over to see, while the lizard sits in either boldness or fear. Of course, Cheeky gets it and grabs it by the tail. And, of course, the lizard and the tail become two separate things.)

Girls: (screaming)

Boys: I'll get it! (crashing into each other)

(Finally, Freckles picks it up properly by the middle and walks to the door.)

Ms. Buckler: Good job, Freckles. Put it outside!

(Freckles goes to the door and then proceeds to chuck the lizard like a baseball far, far away from the room. We had a short talk about hurting and helping animals.)

After that we had a fly that would not go away and then an "alive bug" that had to be swept outside. I was also informed that there was a "HUGE!" cockroach sitting on the ramp railing.

A co-worker's child, and my former student, ran up to me this afternoon with something in her hands saying, "Ms. Buckler! Look what I found!" I promptly ran in the other direction. She says, "Ms. Buckler! It's just a ladybug!" (Sigh of relief from me...All my students past and present know I love ladybugs.) That one was nice. And, sitting at a red light on the way home, another ladybug lands on my windshield. Good luck heading my way? Yeah, right.

Let's not even mention the potential bugs that could be crawling in several students' hair. (Insert your own head scratching in here. Sorry.)

And they want me to get a class pet!

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