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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

L is for LaLa Land

Lala Land is where some kids go instead of school. I know every teacher out there can name at LEAST one kid every year that is often off in space. Don't get me wrong. Every once in a while we need a mental break, I get it. We all do it (well, of course I don't space out with any of you guys).  But, when a kids is always "gone", how do you teach them?

I don't mind it when a kid is so wrapped up in a book that the world could crash down around them and the don't notice. In fact, today, Braids was reading her new Media Center book and ran smack into a pole. (This led me to the reminder...Don't read and walk...It's dangerous!) That didn't bother me. But when it's ALL THE TIME and NOT because of A BOOK it drives me CRAZY!

Well, my friend Spacey is always in LaLa Land. It must be an amazing place because he's there ALL THE TIME. I ask, "Spacey, what is two plus four?" Spacey replies after I snap in front of his face and wave my hand, "TEN!" and does not care that he is wrong, wrong, wrong! My teammates often remind me, "Just keep swimming! Just keep swim-ming!" (But Dory on Finding Nemo is so much cuter, how can you get frustrated with her? And I'm pretty sure she passed the 2nd grade.)

We have also discussed putting blinking lights on our head, making random beeping noises, and letting the kids hold a remote in their hands...Maybe, just maybe, then they would pay attention (but probably not). I'm thinking that one day, I will set up video conferencing and "teach" my kids while I'm sitting at home on the computer. Do I need permission for that? Even in the name of scientific research?

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