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Monday, January 11, 2010

P is for Patience

Patience is what you need on the first day back at school after a 19 day winter vacation.

There are pros and cons to this first day back, however. The kids are used to sleeping in late and going to bed way past their bedtimes...which means they're too sleepy for most of the day to get into trouble. (However, they are too tired to actually pay attention during lessons, too.) They are also bored out of their minds from entertaining themselves all day for 19 days. I purposely and randomly said "underwear" and "boogers" just to see if they were awake... (I got a few piddly chuckles.)

Highlights of my day:

Ms. Buckler: Mr. T.V., did you take your "medicine" today? (for ADHD)

Mr. T.V.: Yes, I took two.

Ms. Buckler: Two!? Are you supposed to take two?!

Mr. T.V.: Yes (with a "duh" look on his face)...One Claritin and one Flintstone.

Ms. Buckler: Oh, that explains a lot...Carry on.


Ms. Buckler: So what is 3 tens plus 4 tens?

Class: chatter, chatter, chatter... (during a lesson mind you)

Ms. Buckler: Ladies and Gentleman, I think that after 19 days away from school, we are forgetting that we don't talk at the same time I am talking. I know you're excited to see your friends, but we listen to learn. Don't forget, I'm the Queen of the classroom and when I talk...YOU BETTER LISTEN! If you need to ask a question, you raise your hand and wait to be called on. Get it? Got it? Good!

Ms. Chatterbox: (After waiting patiently with her hand in the air) Who is the King of the Classroom?

Ms. Buckler: So what is 3 tens plus 4 tens....?

They really are cute and I actually did miss the little buggers. I can't lie. I heart the second grade.

P is for Patience.

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