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Monday, May 3, 2010

A is for Adjectives

We are learning about adjectives this week. I've done this activity every year. It's usually pretty funny. For the kids. And eye-opening for me. Since this week is Teacher Appreciation Week, and my kids totally understand my sarcasm, I added this rule: Appreciate your teacher, so no mean words.

Freckles: Short (Like you can talk Mister!)
Blondie: Pretty (Teacher's pet wanna be?)
Giggles: White (I know.)
Cowboy: Nice (On what day?)
Mr. Jokester: Strange...What? Look at that picture you drew! (Touche!)
Cheeky: Different (Than what?!)
Mr. Responsible: Responsible (Unite!)
Ms. Drama: Happy (Aww.)
Dali Jr.: Funny (Duh.)
Myself: Respectful
Mr. TV: Good (Not sure what he's trying to say I'm good at)
Giggles (again, she's very opinionated): Skinny (Girl, your grades will not change, but thank you!)
Braids: Smart (Great minds think alike!)

Yes, I was brave enough to do this. I usually just draw a teacher, but I thought I'd gather some good blog material. And boost my ego a little bit more...I know you were thinking it.

1 comment:

  1. LOL> I was wondering who said "respectful"

    I noticed that you got "strange" and "different", but not "normal". I wonder why?