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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

L is for LOCO!

We made piñatas today.

Because it is Wednesday.

Because it is the end of the year and who is listening to real lessons anyway?

Because a certain second grader was not here today...

Because it is Cinco De Mayo!

Because we are reading a story called "Mice and Beans" in which there is a peacock piñata.

Because we earned 20 marbles in our "Hallway Compliments" jar and earned a treat.

Because I may miss this class a little bit in 20something days.

Because it was fun when I made one in second grade.

Because I'm (a lotta bit) loco.

(Okay, I'll stop justifying my reasons now)


Me: Raise your hand if you know how to blow up a balloon.

ALL of them raised their hands.

Me: Raise your hand if you know how to blow up a balloon AND tie it.

SIX of them kept their hands up.

Me: Okay, well if you are confident in your balloon tying skills then you are welcome to take care of your own balloon. But, keep in mind that if you blow it up and then find that you can't tie it...I'm not touching your spit so you're on your own.

THREE of them tried. Here is Mr. Jokester's after 13 minutes of trying...

Still untied..."But Ms. Buckler, my spit is dry by now!"

They actually got fully covered. Eventually.

But in the meantime I heard comments like this:

Longoria Lover Jr.: Ms. Buckler I have the "Wanted People"! (on his newspaper strip)

Giggles: Ms. Buckler do you need a new car? I have some right here. (on her newspaper strip)

Sweetheart: Ms. Buckler! Freckles got stuff in my hair!

Dali, Jr.: Ms. Buckler! My balloon just magically popped!

Mr. Jokester: Ms. Buckler! I still need help tying my balloon! (24 minutes later...)

Yes, I did say it was fun...

I really hope that Mr. Responsible's mom doesn't kill me for the mess he made on his clothes. Fine time to not be responsible, Man! Starch and flour washes out right?

We'll finish these tomorrow and I think they'll turn out great. We'll see how a certain second grader feels about not having one.

(Thanks for showing up to help, Sister...)

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  1. That looked fun (in a crazy, not for the teacher with OCD sort of way). Fun nonetheless.