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Monday, April 11, 2011

B is for Birthday Suit and Babies

**I am NOT saying that birthday suits lead to babies...I just so happens those two things start with the same letter.**

The Setting: Math

The Characters: Me, Spacey's younger brother, Mr. Random.


Me: Good job, Mr. Random. Your math is all correct. Please go to your math center.

Him: Ms. Bucklewr, do you know what a birthday suit is? (turns pink)

Me: Yes, I do. Isn't that what you're supposed to wear on your birthday?

Him: No!

Me: I bet you wore it on your BIRTH day. The day you were born.

Him: Nuh-uh! (turns tomato red)

Me: What? Do you think your mom put clothes on you in her tummy?

Him: No! I'm gonna go do math now...

Later, I had to retell this story to Mrs. W. She asked him if he wore his birthday suit when he was a baby.

Him: I can't remember.

Cut! Cut! Cut!

It was almost as scary as that story Sassy wrote about her "Best Day Ever" being the day she was born.

This morning Mr. Fact Man asked if I know what a liger is. Duh! Of course I do!

Then another dude asked what a horse mixed with a zebra would be called. A Zorse? A Hebra? He decided to ask our 5th grade visitor, "When a horse and a zebra fall in love, get married, and have a baby, what do they call their baby?" Our fifth grade visitor replied, "Mixed."

I really don't mean to talk about where babies come from, but sometimes it comes up. I heard Mr. T.V. asked one of my teammates if "she done got herself pregnant" and when she confirmed she really does have a baby in her belly he said, "That is NOT your stomach."

I SWEAR I don't know where they get this stuff! I blame it on Nickelodeon.

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