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Thursday, April 14, 2011

C is for Crat-er

One Line Wonder was at it again today.

Three times a year we give the FAIR test. This assesses students' fluency, reading accuracy/comprehension, spelling, etc.

One of the sub tests consists of a list of multisyllabic words. My students were NOT good at this at the beginning of the year. Since then we have learned a lot of spelling and vowel rules. They've all done much better.

I gave the FAIR test to OLW today. She got about 90% of the words correct. Since this is the last time they take the test, I wanted to use it as a teaching tool.

I pointed to a word she missed.

Me: What was this word? We just learned about it in Science.

Her: Crat-er.

Me: No...What were those holes on the moon called?

Her: Craters...

Me: Doesn't this look like it could be 'crater'? Haven't we learned the sneaky 'e' makes 'a' say it's name?

Her: Yeah, but it could also be crat-er.

Me: Does that make sense?! Have you ever heard of a crat-er?!

Her: Of course!

Me: When?!

Her: My baby sister says crat-er when she wants a cracker because she's only three!

Me: Oh good gravy! Thanks, OLW, we're done here.

Her: You got it, Dude!

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