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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

S is for Spectacular

It's FCAT week. All week. ALL week. I'm cracking up a little because our schedules are rearranged to accommodate testing times. I don't do schedule changes well. It leaves us a lot of time after lunch to enjoys each other's company. If I didn't occasionally have adult contact, I'd probably crack all the way.

I have a 5th grade buddy that's been visiting because he get's special FCAT treatment. He's been entertaining our class for 3 mornings now. (FYI: He's the one that reminded me to Bring Whales.)

Yesterday, Buddy drew on the board while waiting for a student to finish morning work so he could read a Dr. Seuss book to them. I had to take a picture before I HAD to erase it.

Mr Fact Man: Wow. Buddy is wonderful at drawing.

Buddy: (in his own monotone Buddy-ish way) I think you mean spectacular.

He got a little bit of cabin fever during our reading centers today. The whole rotation through centers thing was a little too much for him.

He decided to amuse himself by drawing on my whiteboard AGAIN.

Buddy was not a fan of the timer. He informed me time goes faster when you aren't watching it.

Me: How am I supposed to know how long the kids have to be in my group?

Him: Guess-timate. It's ridiculous.

Me: What does THAT mean?

Then the timer rang. He was ready to go to Music.
I hated to tell him we had one more rotation. He did not take this well. I asked him not to stand in front of the projector, because I do like to watch the timer. I'm weird like that.

Him: Are you happy now? Voila (pronounced VELLA)!

Me: Thanks, Buddy. It's almost over.
Him: ...
Then the timer came to life and caught some food.

 And that dinner turned and tried to catch the flying roasted turkey (by the ladybug).

And then the dinner's dinner got away. "Just in the nick of time."

And then the timer beeped and the Schedule Keeper turned it off. Before Buddy was ready. She picked it up, stopped it, and put it back down. In the WRONG spot. So he fixed it.

Me: Hey Buddy! It's time to go!

Him: I've been TRYING to TELL you that.

One Line Wonder: Wow, he has a very creative brain. He just gave me an idea. I need a new sheet of paper.

Him: I think you mean spectacular brain.

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