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Thursday, April 21, 2011

R is for Reality

Last week's reading focus was Reality and Fantasy. It apparently carried over to this week.

As I've said before, one of my favorite things about second graders are the conversations they have when they don't think we're listening.

We had a P.E. field trip to the bowling alley today. (Mr. Random: Don't let me leave here without maple syrup.) That meant we had to eat our lunches in the classrooms. While some were finished up their ravioli, others were drawing pictures.

This was an overheard conversation:

Mr. Man: Have you ever seen a ghost?

Mumble-ina: No. You can't always see them.

Mr. Man: Yeah, 'cause they are made of clear stuff.

Mum: Nuh uh. Some are made of spirits and dust.

Mr. Man: Oh! Like vampires?

Mum: (outraged!) No! Vampires are made of real things! And they sparkle so you can see them.

Mr. Man: Ms. Buckler? Are unicorns real?

Me: (confused) I thought you were talking about ghosts an vampires?

Mr. Man: (whispering to Mum) She's listening to us!

I felt this was a good time to casually walk by and observe what kind of pictures were being created.

This was Mumble-ina's:

**I would like to apologize for the poor quality of this photo. Our school's tech specialist (Hi, Mrs. H!) and I both know I could have scanned it, but I'm too lazy.**

 Me: Mumble-ina! Who is in this picture?

Mum: That's me. And that's Robert Pattinson.

I must have made a "teacher face" because she said, "oh fine!" She then added some words and gave it back.

Now it is clearly labeled as myself with my favorite baseball player.

Me: Um, I have brown hair and so does Mr. Longoria.

Mum: Well...Sassy taught me how to draw it!

Me: Oh, Sassy made you draw a picture of smooching? Let me see hers.

Peer pressure is so tough.

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