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Monday, August 27, 2012

F is for Fighting Fires

Whew! The wild weather should be called MILD weather today. We mostly got some on and off rain showers. Thank you to those of you who kept us in your thoughts.

To continue to make light of the "situation"... one of my facebook friends posted this picture:

Photo: Hurricane Isaac 2012...Never Forget
Hurricane Isaac 2012

Having the day off helped me to finally finish Treasures centers for Fighting the Fire (Unit 1, Week 3). Click the pic to get it from my TPT shop.

Skills covered:
Main Idea
Short a/Long a
Nonfiction writing
Word Family -ell
Science (Black Bears)
Social Studies (Community Helpers)
Sentence Subjects
Fluency practice through poetry

Here is a simple (we're still basically first graders after all...) activity from this packet that can be used in any classroom. It helps students identify subjects and predicates.

Silly Subjects

 It's back to school tomorrow for us! I'm ready. =)

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  1. South Florida here and we did have our share of WILD weather. Thankfully, (even though it was last moment as I went to bed thinking I had to get up in the morning) they did cancel school for today and it is also cancelled for tomorrow. Lots of flooding. Hopefully we won't be out past tomorrow as I am already dreading making these days up.

    Glad you were safe!