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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

X is for XtraMath

I am doing an adaptation of Whole Brain Teaching's Universal Homework. I am using something similar to Stephanie's idea of Star Homework. Check hers out!

One of the "stars" students can earn is practicing basic math facts using I just checked the report that is generated and 10 out of my 17 darlings logged in and practiced on the first night!

For a Title 1 school this makes me very proud of our families. I love when home and school can work together to best help our students.

If you need your students to practice basic math facts head over to and sign up FOR FREE!

Here is a copy of my Star Homework number charts. We will mark off a square for each star earned to reach our weekly goal.

Star Graph

Happy Homeworking!

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  1. Is this Star Chart directly related to XtraMath? If so, how do you monitor it or manage it? My 2nd graders get bored with XtraMath and I'm looking for something for them to mark off as they progress? I'm not sure what it would like, though.

    1. My students do it to earn one of their three stars as homework. Then when I'm checking folders, I mark off a number on the star chart for how many homework starts they earned of three (Read 20 mins, spelling practice, XtraMath/flashcards). Maybe you can create a star for each 10 level they meet as they go. The weekly report is emailed to me and I put a star on our bulletin board for each 10 they get to (addition goes up to 100 before they move to subtraction).