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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

F is for Fewer than Five

So you can unfollow me/send me hate mail/call me names, but I HAD to write this. I am not going to ever be a "5-Star Blogger". Usually, I am all competitive and up for a challenge, but this is not one I can do.

5-Star Blogger

With ALL due respect, I love Charity's blog. She has some wonderful ideas and works extremely hard. This is not to her personally. I just don't totally agree with her bloggy ideas. You might want to go read her post before finishing this one. (Click the picture of the ribbon above.)

I started this blog three years ago with the name "Well, shut my mouth!" and it was mostly used to vent and share my stories of a very challenging class/situation I had. It was fun for me and made for great conversation. I did not start it to meet anybody's standards or "stand out from the crowd". It was/is cathartic to share my silly stories and is a lot cheaper than a shrink.

Let me explain myself by commenting on the challenges:

CHALLENGE ONE: I have contact information listed on my blog somewhere.

Okay, I agree with that one. BUT...I choose to not "monetize" my blog by having ads. Those are everywhere now and it's annoying. But if someone wants to give me free stuff...I'm cool with that.

CHALLENGE TWO:  No Pass the Award/Tag posts from you in the last 5 posts on your blog.

Oops...guilty of that one! But you know what? I LIKE reading about other teachers and their lives. I also like to tell people "good job" for their hard efforts. Yeah, sometimes "tag" and passing awards on is annoying and a lot of work, so I just politely decline.

CHALLENGE THREE:  Not featuring anyone or anything but yourself and your own ideas on your own blog in the last 3 blog posts.

I have found some of the most fantastically educational ideas by reading a post of a post of a post. We are teachers! We SHARE! I like to thank and give shout outs to other teachers for their awesome ideas. If you've inspired me I WILL be sharing your ideas. Let me know if you'd like me to stop.

CHALLENGE FOUR:  No self-promoting new products with no content in the last 4 blog posts.

There is some point to this one. I should be better about telling how my units can be used by everyone BUT...not every teacher is in second grade OR uses Treasures.  Sometimes it's nice for those followers who wait for TPT units to be made to just see that it's ready to go without having to read through my other silliness. 

CHALLENGE FIVE:  I will write a new blog post that gives a great teaching idea that I want to share with teachers everywhere.  I will link up that blog post below making sure to include a backlink in my post to this blog post (a bonus etiquette point).

Can't I share great original ideas while promoting others or "playing tag"? And wouldn't this challenge mess me up for CHALLENGE THREE when I provide the backlink to that blog? Probably?

Okay, so there. It's off my mind. I only blog about things that matter to me and it's going to stay that way. Me and my 1-star self try to provide some comic relief for you wonderful readers and I absolutely, positively, humbly appreciate you all. You make this blogging thing worth it. Otherwise, I'd probably be in a corner curled up in the fetal position humming Nirvana songs.

Please feel free to comment away. I have thick(ish) skin. I always "approve" all comments...constructive or not.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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  1. I agree 100% Being a great blogger has nothing to do with those requirements. How else can we collaborate or share...we don't all follow the same blogs at least not the last time I checked.

  2. I am so glad you posted this, the exact posted has been stewing in my head all night, I just didn't get into blogging to be assessed on my greatness by other bloggers. I am not trying to make money, or even really be professional on my blog, it's personal, I share what I love and how I feel, I like it that way and I don't think my blog is any less worthy because I only get one star on this particular assessment. I appreicate honest feedback and tips for making my blog more friendly but I don't want to be judged as a "bad blogger" because I played along with a game or gave someone else recognition. Thanks again for posting this!!

    1. I kind of feel like the kid in the "emotions" video that doesn't fit in with the populars. =) Thank YOU.

  3. I think the real point Charity is trying to get at is balance. There are days where almost every blog post is a "go check out this giveway" or a "I have a product" etc, but not a lot of ideas or thought provoking sharing. The requirements do not say to never do any of these things, just to be aware of how often. I LoVe your blog, regardless of 5 star or not! Oh and we read Hope is an Open Heart and it was fabulous. We are working on writing some hope poems...I "hope" to blog about it soon!

    Chickadee Jubilee

    1. I know. I can TOTALLY see both sides of the thing. I'm so glad you are enjoying your book. I can't wait to hear about those poems. You go girl!

  4. love this! These are my sentiments exactly

    It is annoying when I see that same thing on every blog but I have a choice as to whether I want to read it or not just like the blogger who wrote it has the same choice whether to write it or not

    ms. patterson

  5. I TOTALLY LOVE YOU - YOU ARE NEWEST BESTIE!!! I completely feel ya and I love being a part of Classroom Freebies Too, but I love to share about others the same that they did for me when I first started my blog. If it hadn't been for some very nice bloggers, I would probably still be hoping for 100...maybe less..hehehe..

    I also love to share my art, but I do have to make a living! Any social marketing strategy that is free, is totally awesome! Plus, I get instant feedback on my products and art, which keeps me very motivated (most of the time...hehehe)

    I do get frazzled a bit when I check my inbox and I have like 30 tags...I just pick and hope no one gets their feelings hurt...(and make sure to offer a freebie..hehehe) There is just no way I can spend that many hours answering questions, but I love the feeling of being tagged and being included - isn't that what makes us get soooooo hooked on this???

    P.S. I am heading to be a triple offender soon (this weekend). I agreed to support a few other blogger's giveaways and I am having one myself to promote a K12 fundraising, he is offering the most amazing gift to the winner!!!

    I once read something that I really liked. It was about people who matter and people who don't in regards to how they feel about us...Darn it..I can't remember the quote...I will try to find it...hehehe

    Have a great day & I am working on a really funny spoof award to counter this one...hehehe

    The 3AM Teacher
    Visit The 3AM Teacher FB Page

    1. This made my day! You are so awesome and I love reading your posts. They crack me up! Try to find that quote. =)

  6. Whew. I'm so glad someone else put this into words! I kind of felt the same way. I like getting to know the people behind the blogs. As a new blogger, I feel like the awards and tag and linky parties are important to finding new readers, too. Maybe those aren't so necessary for already-popular blogs, but they are for me!

    I can see the points she was getting at, but I wish it had been worded as tips for blogging or a way to self-assess instead of some kind of blog award.

    Stars or not, I think your blog is fantastic. Props to you for having the courage to say how you really feel! :)

  7. I come to your blog daily and I love it

  8. Love it!

    I was kind of feeling mixed emotions because I love promoting new blogs, otherwise how else will they be found? She did have some good tips, like saying why the product is good. And yes, perhaps I should post more of my ideas and not just everyone elses' but sometimes it happens. Guess I'll only be a 2-3 star blogger :)

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  9. The quote is from Dr. Seuss "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." =)

    Loved your posts ladies! I don't make the award either. Oh well! =)

    Ms.Smarty Pants

  10. I totally agree!! WHO says those are what makes a 5-star blog?? obviously there's more than a few of us who don't agree with her...and yes, I love her too!

  11. Amen! I think balance is the key.
    I did enjoy playing tag for the first time :)
    I LOVE linky parties too!!!
    I am so thankful for my 42 followers who decided to give me an opportunity to share the little I know! I am pretty sure I screamed the first time I discovered a had my first follower. BIG SMILE HERE. It is about the learning and sharing for me!

  12. Well said! I'm your newest follower! I'm a new blogger and feel like I need to keep up with the super bloggers of the world... I will never be a five-starter.. I just want to share some ideas with other teachers. Period.

    Would love for you to stop by!


  13. Thanks for speaking what many of us our obviously thinking :)


  14. Maybe people that blog to be a 5-Star blogger aren't really blogging for the right reasons!?! I blog to share ideas, make friends, and inspiration. A good laugh really helps too! Emily, I love your blog! BTW, you won the April Fool's linky at Honey Bunch Blog Design. Come check it out.

  15. Well said! Kudos to you for speaking your mind. I love the great ideas I find on everyone's blogs BUT I also love reading about the funny stories and things that happen in our lives.

    Have a great weekend!

    I found your blog through Vicky at Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After. Cute pics! I love the butterfly math. I am a new follower.

    Stop by and visit when you get a chance.

  16. Well I'm your newest follower and I feel as though I came at the right time to read this post! :)