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Sunday, January 22, 2012

R is for Regrouping {with Freebie}

I don't know about the rest of you, but when the unit on double-digit addition and subtraction WITH REGROUPING comes I cringe. Some years I think I've curled up in a little ball on my classroom floor and sang "Soft Kitty" to myself while the kids just stared. I had nightmares about base-ten blocks murdering me in my sleep.

Okay, I those things didn't really happen, but I have gotten a few gray hairs from it. Probably.

Well, this year, my two students who struggle in math surprised me. They were ROCK STARS at regrouping. The difference you ask?


We worked together to create a list of steps we need to go through to regroup. I quickly wrote them up on the whiteboard as my darlings thought of them. Duh, why didn't I write them on chart paper?

One little darling was very sad when we realized we were going to have to erase them to project our science lesson. He said, "Ms. Buckwer, can you make us a pretty poster of those steps?"

So of course I did. I think I may print them out for my math board and also in a smaller version for my testing "offices".
Click {here} to get them from my TPT store.
The first 5 followers who leave me a comment with an email address get them for free!

We'll see how many rounds of "Soft Kitty" I have to sing to myself when Math comes tomorrow. (It's okay to sing "Soft Kitty" because brain dead and insane is a kind of sick."



  1. These look great!! I am just starting to teach addition with regrouping too!


  2. This looks awesome.. I have kids who still struggle

  3. I love these! We are doing this now in my classroom!

  4. This is SOOOO helpful! We just started this I am working with the struggling math kiddos!

    Chickadee Jubilee

    1. I hope they become Regrouping Rock Stars, too! Sent!

  5. This looks great! We actually don't do regrouping in my district until third grade, but I have some kids who use it because they learned it at home but still get confused with when to do it! :) When I taught third grade, it wasn't so bad but that's because they had lots of practice using other strategies they visually could see what regrouping is in their head!
    Stories From Second

    1. That's why I think it shouldn't be in our second grade curriculum yet. It's a little too abstract. We do a lot with base ten blocks and using our hundred chart to subtract, but the "borrowing" part is tricky. Good job being the 5th comment! =) Sent!

  6. These look really great!!!!
    Heather =)

    1. Thanks, Heather! You already have it, you just didn't know.
      (Math-Visuals-Regrouping Posters)
      I wonder how long before I max out my dropbox limit. =)

  7. These are great! And you are absolutely right!- the regrouping and borrowing are a nightmare when you first introduce it! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Oh man, I'm too late! These are super cute by the way :) I adore "Soft Kitty", I think that will be my new go-to anthem for regrouping...hehe :) Have a great day!

    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade