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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

S is for Stella

This is the story of Stella. I haven't told any stories about Stella yet because I had not come to terms with the fact that she is who she is. The terms it took a good three week break from her to come to.

Stella's original nickname was BDH. I cannot tell you what BDH stands for because I would feel extremely guilty that I even dared to think of it in the first place.

Okay, fine. I didn't actually feel guilty for referring to her as BDH, but Stella just seemed to fit after reading the story "Stellaluna".

You know the part when Mama Bird admonishes Stellaluna for teaching her chicks bad things?

This one?
{Sidenote: if you've never read Stellaluna you NEED to go to Storyline Online RIGHT NOW and listen to it...It's read by Pamela Reed, too!}

Yeah, well that's the look Stella gives me after every time I get on to her for something. Mostly for interrupting me. She does that A LOT.

One of my little darlings said, "Hey! Stellaluna's face looks just like the face Stella makes!"

Anyway, Stella was absent yesterday. Since it was the first day back after our winter vacation, and a Tuesday, I was a little excited worried.

We wondered if she might have moved away over the break. I said, "That would make me sad" and I think I actually meant it.

She is quite the comedienne. Just think Junie B. a less endearing way.

She came strolling in at 9:30 saying, "Don't worry! I'm here!" (And of course I went WHEW!)

We informed her that we now have Class Dojo for behavior. We have new reading centers. And, we have a new word wall.

Stella said, "Wow! A girl misses one day and the teacher just goes all crazy!" (And I thought, yeah, THAT'S what made me crazy.)

During centers, Stella asked me how to spell a word. I asked her, "What kind? Do you mean "merry" as in "Merry Christmas"? Or Mary as in Jesus' mom? Or..."

She interrupted me with, "NO! The kind of marry you do when you find out you're gonna have a baby."

Oh! Duh! That one.

Stella was supposed to start a pull-out group with our lovely Reading Resource teacher yesterday. Stella is a rock star at science and math, but she says reading is "for the smart kids".  I hadn't given Mrs. M any sort of info on Stella beyond her (real) name and reading level.

I promise I didn't ask Mrs. M to take Stella so I could get 20-30 minutes of peace every day. Okay, fine. I kind of did. Stella DOES need all the help she can get.

After school today I asked Mrs. M how her special time with Stella went today. She looked at me and said, "Lordamercy!"

I know Mrs. M. That's just Stella. She is who she is and that's that.

On a totally unrelated note. Why are some parents so hard to get a hold of on the phone?



  1. And THAT my dear is the answer to your "missing" Mr. TV!!!!

  2. Oh the Stella's of the world...don't we all have one? :)

    Kindergarten Is A Hoot

  3. A rather entertaining post. Thanks for making me smile. (I'm following now.)
    Forever in First

  4. Emily, I got your post on my blog about the schoolhouse template for the me, so that I can send it to you! Thanks for visiting... I am a new follower! :)

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